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Taking Care of your Clothes

Taking care of your clothes will make them last longer and keep them looking great. It’s always easier, not to mention cheaper to take care of the clothes you already have then having to spend money on new ones all the time.

Read the instructions!

Whether it’s leather and suede or soft cotton and polyester, take a moment and read the care labels. Usually, failure to follow the care instructions is the number one reason items get ruined in the wash. These instructions are included for a reason and that is to help you maintain your clothes in a good state. There are some items that are made from sensitive materials to heat, so you may have to wash those by hand at colder temperatures. Don’t be lazy! Do just as instructed, otherwise you’ll ruin a perfectly nice item. Also, be careful with the instructions about ironing and using bleach! And then you have clothes that are only fit for dry cleaning.

Hang your clothes to dry

Sometimes dryers can wear out garments earlier than you would expect, so a nice way to preserve your clothes is to hang them to dry. Hanging your clothes also helps with ironing because they won’t be so wrinkled and it will make the process easier. Hanging your clothes to dry also helps prevent shrinking.

Breathing space

When your clothes are dry and it’s time for them to go into the closet or in your chest of drawers, don’t forget that they too need space to “breathe”. Fold all your garments neatly before arranging them in the drawers and don’t mix them all together so it’s all a bundle in the end after you spent all that time ironing. When hanging the clothes in your closet, make sure they are not all crowded or crushed together. Otherwise, they’ll also become wrinkled and slip off the hangers.

Buy durable fabrics

If you can, buy fabrics that are naturally durable and do not require a lot of care. Some fabrics are more durable than others, like a cotton/polyester blend lasts longer than pure cotton fabrics, even though simple cotton may feel better on your body. Acrylics, silk, acetate and suede require more care or dry cleaning and that is why they are usually neglected and end up looking really worn and old after a brief amount of time. Not to mention, some of these fabrics are more expensive and it would be a shame not to care properly for them.

Learn how to sew

It would be helpful if you could learn some simple sewing techniques so you can make your own repairs to your clothing if needed. Many people throw away an item when a button falls off or if there is tear in the seams. Sewing a button or a tear won’t take you more than five minutes and it will save your favourite shirt from ending up in the waste basket.

Use these tips to keep your clothes looking great and reduce your clothing budget dramatically!



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