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Black & White Photo Sesh with Jen

As I have mentioned in my previous post Lifestyle Changes, After Michael. Jen and I had a quick photo sesh for her photography class. The theme was black and white fashion – the simplest theme ever, right?

Shooting in vibrant colors is widely used in photography. But there are people who still love B&W pictures, including me! If only I could stick to a single theme, I would really prefer monochromatic themes and styles.

My favorite shots are below and the set can be viewed here.


Photo Credit: Bibingka Girl

I love how easy and simple the photo session was. It’s because black and white theme doesn’t need too much props like makeup and clothes for a more convincing effect. Black and white automatically produces the aesthetic and artistic look which is hard to create when shooting in colored themes. It actually doesn’t need too much editing and even posing, too. It’s perfect for those who are so keen with their skin and face texture. Lastly, B&W pictures look elegant and timeless!


I might do some photo shooting next month in Cebu using my Canon Kiss X5 which I haven’t used much up to now.  The reason why I bought this cam was because I would love to try photoblogging as writing tends to be tedious already for me. Too bad though ’cause I’ve got no time to try out shooting personally. I love (hate sometimes cos it’s too hard to pose and I’m too shy!) being the model but I do love to shoot and play with colors as well. Shooting is one of the things I would love to do on my retirement years (someday – hopefully that’s soon lol).




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