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Easy fashion on plains and loose shirts

I’ve got the longest holiday vacation ever. As someone who doesn’t want to hand carry a huge luggage like me, I only brought in with me my mini traveling bag that’s only filled with enough clothing that I could wear for a couple of days when I went home (in the province) to spend Christmas and New Year with my family – and so, I could limit myself from going out and spending money on unnecessary things or events, too.

But the slow-paced lifestyle in the province gave me itchy feet and the lack of clothes to wear has not been a big deal. And if you’re creative enough? Loose shirts or pants are never a problem.

I have discovered that there’s an easy fashion on wearing plains and even loose shirts. Since, I had only limited clothes and wasn’t really feeling cool on wearing the remaining pieces that still have been left unused, I rummaged through my sisters closet, took chance if there’s any piece I could wear. She’s bigger than me and fond of boy’s attire but my eagerness to go out that day out-won any trouble. And voila! I’ve got my plains and prints combo! See photos below:

mutzii2 mutzii3 mutzii4 mutzii5

For the outfit details, visit plain and floral.

What can you say?



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