Teenagers and fashion

For some time now, it seems that teenagers have taken the world of fashion by storm. Why is fashion so important to teens these days? In our society there are many issues that affect teens, so probably this is one of the reasons why they feel the need to leave their own important mark in fashion, something like saying: Look, we’re here!

Personality and fashion

It’s like a lot of teens try to find their identity through fashion, trying to establish a place for themselves in the many groups that form in school and not feel like outsiders. They need to be “trendy” to be noticed. So one conclusion could be that they dress just to impress, to fit in and not because it is a statement of who they are and their character. In the end, it can change not only their personality, but their interactions with other people and family.

The teens of today

There might be two types of teens: the ones that try to be as original as possible, truly trying to define themselves and their boundaries; and then, we have the teenagers that imitate other people whom they adore in terms of fashion, it can be their big sisters (notice how my sister in the photos imitate the way I dress) or celebrity fashion icons. There are so many teenager celebs that the choice is very wide. They admire models, singers, actors and in the process of trying to become them, they end up losing themselves and their own uniqueness. And then, some of them try so hard to look all grown-up that they forget they’re just 14 or 16 and they lose that wonderful period of growing up.

mutzii-sister-teeange-and-fashion2Shouldn’t we buy clothes that best fit us and express our personality and well, clothes that we feel good in? How much does advertising and media influence the way teenagers dress? We all like to shop and have nice clothes and accessories, but should we be obsessed with it?

The future?

Now, let’s look at this from another angle: what if the teenager of today who is so in love with fashion and the latest trends would turn out to become the great designer of tomorrow? Or they may end up making a career as a buyer that brings them the reward of successful trendsetting with a salary. Also, trendsetting might teach teens some valuable lessons, like how to create interesting looks without spending too much money and besides, fashion trendsetting involves imagination and creativity, something every teenager should have in their lives.

mutzii-sister-teeange-and-fashion3And let’s face it! Everyone feels good when people admire their style, so maybe this is what teenagers need to boost their confidence. But watch out for that fine line between confidence and arrogance!

Times are changing

Even some years ago, teens seemed to be more awkward than they are now. We could say times are changing and indeed they are! But wow, what an evolution in the way teenagers think and act. Could we be talking about that lapse in generation here? In this fast paced world we live in today, can we still keep our individuality or do we have to mold to the expectations others have of us just to be sure we fit into society? How is it like for parents to keep up with their fast evolving teenagers, trying to maintain the line between giving them the freedom they need to make their own statement and stifling them?

The bottom line is teens are a force when talking about fashion and the latest trends, their opinion and sense of style not to be ignored.

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