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My Mini Adventures in Cebu

I love traveling, yes. I love the lost and found challenge whenever I go to places I know nothing about and where no one knows me, too. But never did I ever imagine nor even include in my itinerary anything extreme – the reaaal and excruciating adventure.


And it was not even in my plan when I went to Cebu to go beyond simple traveling. I only wanted to sight-see and take pictures, my usual travel activities – but not when I was in Cebu! I don’t know what had gotten in me that I agreed for a mini adventure that day. I belittled the mini adventure offered in Rainforest Park. I thought that everything was so easy just because it was just a MINI park! The distance was short and the height was not too high, I assumed.


Who would’ve thought that my knees have started trembling and my heart was beating so fast when the photo above was taken? It was already half way and I felt like going back, down. My heart was pumping so hard, especially when they started yelling at me because I was too slow. The icebreaker? The photo-taking!


When I have succeeded finishing that first challenge, I could feel my knees weakened and I couldn’t even dared to stand. I have refused to go for the next challenge which was the zipline because I felt so weak already but I was the only one left and they were threatening me that I couldn’t go down without finishing each challenge and I – was too gullible to abide.


I, then, just closed my eyes and uttered my supposedly last prayer. LOL. I finished the challenge in just split seconds. Hurray to me! But my knees again were shaking like hell after finishing it.


The third challenge was a bit easier and I managed to finish it so quick!

I refused the last three challenges as they were really nerve-wracking already. And I guess, that would be the last time that I would ever do such life-threatening challenge in my whole life, never ever again! I really really couldn’t forget how I felt while doing the three challenges. It helped me figure my grandest fears!


So, the next time I would go to such place.. I – would rather feed the animals like these lovely, sweet birds..


But not these… Don’t even dare to go near, you snaky snake!


Or I would just sit back like a queen or a goddess. lol I think I prefer this one. xx


My Cebu Trip posts end here. I don’t have good photos of the outfits I wore so…. maybe, I will do that next time… in my Boracay Trip next week perhaps!

Till here,



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