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CMG Sandals

I was browsing on my old old shoes last night when this pair caught my eyes. I bought this over a year ago at CMG and it was a love at first sight that I instantly paid for it without second thoughts. And you know, when we say love at first, oftentimes, the love that we felt the first time doesn’t usually last – that’s why it’s called “at first sight” because I was merely enticed by the way they look – at first glance.

However, I’m a sneaky girl who loves sneaky shoes so this cutie patotie yellow shoes have been kept for a while now. Plus, my lazy styling is getting habitual that I’m not really up for anything uneasy lately. These shoes weren’t made for someone who has clumsy gait, and that’s me. They are good if you’re just gonna walk on grassy field or soft ground but not on tiled and hard surfaces as they get slippery and could lose your balance if you’re not watching your steps.



These shoes could been perfect for my early summer trip tomorrow but since I hate bringing bulky items whenever I travel, I decided to remove it in my luggage and replaced it with lighter shoes. So that is why I have worn them today for work – as I’m afraid they’d get mad at me and would wear out suddenly like what happened to my other shoes – which were totally depressing.

If you’re a shoe junkie you’d definitely feel how heart-crashing it could be whenever some of your precious shoes have to be thrown away. Have you had similar case when it was truly hard for you let go of your old and/or unused shoes? I would love to hear your story. 🙂




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