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My sister and I went strolling last Saturday. The plan was to buy myself a new black vintage hat or a black leather jacket and TIKOY and then we would go to a salon for hair cut after. I found the perfect hat at Forever21 but not too perfect for my already weeping wallet after paying all the bills that day. LOL. My sister who’s really tight in terms of shopping suggested finding somewhere else first at a cheaper cost before finally buying it. I said yes but gave up after walking for a couple of minutes and finding nothing. After buying one large earl grey milk tea with 3js at Gong Cha, I suggested to drop by at the bargain stores outside the mall and it was the most brilliant idea ever! The store was throwing away lots of vintage slacks and trousers and the cost was only 0.9usd. I luckily got two pairs of vintage high waist slacks which were amazingly my size and were perfect for workwear!

I wore one of the slacks today and paired it with a floral semi turle neck top which I purchased from one of the bargain stores also located a few blocks away from our place. I completed my three-piece ensemble with a pair of animal printed shoes with feathers on top that made it really chic! Photos below x


I was actually planning to add a belt to accessorize this 3-piece ensemble but unfortunately it was missing and I was already running late to search for it. And don’t you think a belt would be a LOT already? The folds in my slacks were to minimise the very corporate look of it cos if I ain’t gonna fold it, I would definitely look like a wicked college prof!

And oops, the glasses? It was my sister’s idea when she was taking all these pictures!


Yep, no more self shots cos my sister is already back for good. x


One thing I’ve discovered today: High waist slacks make me look skinny! Maybe because it makes my waist a bit slimmer which I looooove of course!



4 thoughts on “Hipsterrific”

  1. The trousers fit beautifully! Personally, I always worry about how a high-waisted fit will make my tummy look. x Nadia (


    1. Choose black high-waisted bottom! It perfectly hides unwanted look of our tummy.

      The captcha response of your blog is not working, preventing me to leave a comment?

      thank you for visiting my site x



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