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Floral prints are getting in trend again as I can see. I was not really aware that it’s actually one of the hottest styles in the world of fashion but my fondness to anything florals and prints has nothing to do with the trend or the season. Well, let’s say, I’m just BORED and want something playful and unconventional. Plus, I’m a fan of old-school style, so I really want my granny’s and momsy’s florals and prints clothing back.

And with that being said, I am encouraging every girlie out there to relive our ancestor’s fashion and style by following these simple tips on wearing floral prints:



Go edgy.

With the right outfit, floral prints can have an edgy feel. Instead of choosing the dainty pastel florals, try something with larger prints in darker colors. Additionally, you can add tougher accessories to create an edgier vibe to your floral look. Think a floral print dress with a leather jacket and old-school platforms and a black hat (see what I’m wearing below). Mix and match to create a unique stylish look!  *I wanted it with oxfords or sneakers but these were the only footwear available.





Go girly.

If you’re not into unconventional styles like me, you can always go for the traditional girly floral look. Wear it like you’re going to a church for a Sunday mass! Haha. I’m half kidding. Of course, you can still be stylish in simple floral prints and simple shoes and accessories to go with it. Just make sure you choose the color that matches your floral print though– and you’re good to go.






 What do you think of my outfit and style of the day?



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