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Off white & stripes

Today is sort of a NEW me day. It’s because I went for a casual, light and girly work wear today. My office buddies were all surprised when they saw me on my average-height heels during lunch time. I felt like I was such a biggie when I was walking with them on our way to the cafeteria where we usually take our lunch. And it’s odd! Haha. I got used to being always the smallest in the group and today’s a different thing. Love it!

white sandals - casual work wear

I bought this pair of wedge sandals a few months back but I just had enough courage to wear it this morning. I wasn’t really planning to wear it but I couldn’t find any flat white shoes or perhaps the ones with light colors that would match these stripe pants.  And these sandals didn’t fail me, it looked good! Do you agree?

**No whole body shot for this post because – my hair isn’t in the mood to pose, it’s too frizzy! Pffft.

Look of the day:

White sleeveless top + Striped jeans + white wedge sandals + off white/tan bag = ALL LIGHT!!

What I love about this look is the cool and comfy feeling it gives me – perfect for this hot, sweaty weather!

What about you lovelies? How do you go for a casual work wear during hot season?



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