Set yourself free from perfection and living in the illusions of a superficial life. Embrace your whole story and be free! – From the book, Pretty: Breaking Free From the Illusions of a Superficial Life

Yep, I am embracing my whole story and trying to be free. The previous weeks have been so tough, tedious and slow. I can’t even believe that it’s Friday already. I have almost abandoned this blog because of the stressful weeks that have passed. I missed my camera. I missed sharing my look of the day here. And I missed wandering! (Just the thought of my cancelled Bohol trip makes me weep)

Emotional stress is really too powerful that sometimes it overrules you from doing what you normally do or what you love.  It’s totally a motivation killer. And I have almost killed myself. I am sort of an agnostic but it’s during hard times, when I feel so alone that I depend on and trust someone I neither see nor feel.  It’s God. I logged off early last Wednesday and attended a Novena mass. It’s something I do when I want to clear my mind. And it helps.  Really.

I have just realised also at this very moment that praying is some sort of a meditation already. And it’s something I do for a couple of years now. I used to call ‘praying’ as ‘talking to myself’ or my ‘me time’ whenever I’m in doubt of God’s existence. And when I say ‘talking to myself’, I really am talking here, with sounds coming out my mouth. It does sound crazy and I definitely look like a madwoman with my random murmurs but it sure does help me to realise things on a brighter perspective afterwards.

And thank God, I feel better now.. With that, here’s a peek of what I look today.

lazy style

Happy Friday, lovelies!




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