OOTDs, Shoes

Used up

Happy Sunday, lovelies! My sister and I got bored at home and decided to went out for a little strolling and yep, photo-shooting this afternoon. And sharing with you now what I’ve decided to wear today.

hipster look

Dress purchased from Apartment8 last year for my Batangas, birthday trip (and geez, I guess it’s exactly one year already as it’s gonna be my birthday again two days from now. Oh how time flies so fast!) I could only count on my one hand how many times I have worn this dress which I call a ‘beach dress’. I even thought I couldn’t wear this again because of its bare back. But my creativity and the urge to wear my clothes that have been left unused for so long made this dress wearable again. As you can see I have covered it up with a plain black racerback top to make the dress look like a skirt and to hide my back.

hipster look The creepers shoes are another purchase I made just a few months back but I also haven’t worn them yet (or have worn just once I guess). I love them but not really good for daily use. I still prefer the sneakers I bought from Forever21 two years ago, which until now are still fabulously kicking despite of using them almost everyday!

hipster chic

Much love,

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