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Soft Grunge

“Grunge is nothing more than the way we dress when we have no money.” – Jean Paul Gaultier

soft grunge look

Tired of my backpack yet? Haha. I’m just so loving this bag so please bear with me if I’m using it often. I also have to admit that I’m an outfit repeater especially if I love the outfit so much so please do expect for outfit repeats in the future. 😛

soft grunge look

soft grunge look

Featuring today these cute creepers shoes that have given to me as a birthday present a few days ago by my girlfriend which she purchased from a thrift shop in Baguio. Aren’t they gorgy!? I love creepers shoes but I don’t plan to collect such shoes unless of course if the creepers are too adorable to resist!  😀

soft grunge lookSee my skirt as well? I have a friend who hates it so much because she said it looks like I’m going to do my laundry whenever I’m wearing it. Haha. But contrary to what she said, it’s one of my favourite skirts! I bought it from a thrift shop long time ago (what I love about thrift shops is that they have plenty of cool, strange outfits and shoes which I’m utterly a fan of!) Perfect example is this skirt. It looks  fashionably weird. I guess it was designed to have a soft grunge feel. And it looks perfect with my new creepers shoes, plus my leather backpack bag! Agree? I guess those fans of grunge fashion or maybe those hippie people will agree because this skirt plays in between.

soft grunge look


Have you noticed my hair, too? Lol.

Now, let me greet all the beautiful fathers in the world a Happy Father’s Day!



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