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“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”― Abraham Lincoln

I have been extremely clingy with my emotions lately that even my Facebook newsfeed makes me feel very down. I had to deactivate it from time to time to push the monster with a pair of sharp green eyes away because I terribly felt like the world was partying while I was left in the very corner fringe and broken. Please don’t be mad at me for being so weak. I just had the most terrible days of my life and it freaking left some traumatic experience on me. But the good news is, I am beginning to see some ray of light now. I can’t even believe that there’s still hope for something I thought that’s already hopeless.

I thank my courageous self for being able to win the negativity that temporarily possessed me. And yep, to show that I’m absolutely on my way back to a happy life, I am awakening this blog that has experienced mild abandonment for a few weeks now by sharing with you today, a quick OOTD post.


fringe top + lazy style

fringe top

fringe top + lazy style

fringe top + lazy style

Outfit details:
Forever 21 sunnies
Primadona fringe top
thrifted bag
SM department store shorts
Forever 21 socks
thrifted boots
Casio watch


My life’s getting by but lately, I am literally always having a bad hair day. Pft. I freaking need a visit to a salon to have my hair treated & rebonded.



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