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“I could walk a mile in your shoes, but I already know they’re just as uncomfortable as mine. Let’s walk next to each other instead…” ― Lynda Meyers

I have more or less a hundred pair of shoes in my closet. A few of them have been left broken for some time now. I’ve been thinking of having them fixed or fixing them myself but it’s either I don’t have time or procrastination is just too irresistible. And yep, I’m engaged with the last one ATM. I’m piled up with work but my mind refuses to cooperate. Oh, help me Lord please..

street style fashion

OOTD features my Primadonna shoes I purchased two years ago. They got broken last year and were left unrepaired since then. Last night, I managed to fix the shoes and luckily wore them this afternoon. Too bad though because it rained heavily so I had to be really careful not to put too much pressure on my feet so it would last. Thank God, no embarrassing shoe moments happened and I was able to go home with my soles still intact. But I promised to make time and extra money to have all my broken shoes repaired.

street style fashion

Outfit details:

DIY headband turned headgear (bonnet)

Apartment 8 Clothing top

Heartstring backpack

DIY slacks turned shorts

Primadonna boots

YRYS watch


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