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“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” — Alexander McQueen

black jumpsuit

Did you know that this jumpsuit was purchased in Oxygen Clothing over four years ago but had only worn it once (twice today)? Yep, that’s because this jumpsuit was originally styled like a firefighter’s uniform, with a bit loose bottom. What I did: Had it repaired {through a dressmaker} and made the bottom skinnier. Jumpsuits should be something body hugging {in my opinion} and should not be made with fabric that’s too stubborn {which my jumpsuit was made of}.

black jumpsuit

The Chloé bag was a gift from my mom, given to me almost a decade ago but never had a chance to use it because I didn’t like it at first. I wasn’t really a fan of sling bags {plus it’s red}. It was when my younger sister who uses it everyday which made me realise that the bag wasn’t that bad. As a proof, I think it perfectly suits my jumpsuit.
black jumpsuit

black jumpsuit

Outfit details:
SM Accessories sunnies, DIY necklace, Oxygen Clothing DIY jumpsuit, Chloe sling bag, Casio watch, Thrifted wedge sandals

wedge sandals

Lastly, I was so glad that the super glue I purchased last night from DIY Shop worked well on my wedge sandals. I love these sandals but they got broken after I have missed a step the last time I wore it. Thankfully, I managed to fix them and happily wore them today!

Enjoy your weekend, dolls!



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