Cinderella Surgery

“Unless you’ve been there, and you can’t find shoes, and you’re in pain, don’t judge.”

cinderella surgery

I’m not into cosmetic surgeries. People would always tease me of some of my obvious imperfections –flat chest, big nose, not so curvy hips and a lot more, but never did I ever thought of changing anything in my body. But just now – I’ve discovered something that’s about to change my perspective. I have realized that I cringed my feet so much that I am willing to look at the brighter side of cosmetic surgery. And I never thought that there’s one specifically done for the ugly feet – the Cinderella Surgery. It sounds bizarre especially in some cases where patients request to amputate their little toes, leaving only four piggies per foot! But looking at the beautiful side of it, it’s an instant solution to foot imperfections! And if I have the $$$, lots of it, I won’t mind going under the knife and having this imperfection perfected –yes, for the sake of being able to wear any kinds of shoes! I will probably have my annoying bunions removed. x

How about you lovelies? Would you have “Cinderella Surgery”?

Read more about Cinderella surgery here.



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