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Leon Jeans

“The whole thing of clothes is insane. You can spend a dollar on a jacket in a thrift store. And you can spend a thousand dollars on a jacket in a shop. And if you saw those two jackets walking down the street, you probably wouldn’t know which was which.” —Helen Mirren

These past two weekends have been the most tiring supposedly days off for me this year. But –don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.. haha!

The other weekend, I was in Baguio for some thrift shopping. It’s been over a year since the last time I went there. I love the place so much that even if I wasn’t really born or I don’t have any relatives there, I am counting it as one of my provinces; first is Bicol where my Mom came from and where I was born and second is Batangas, my father’s hometown and where I spent the first years of my “solo life”. The City of Pines has been my thrift-shopping haven for the past 4 years! Unlike in my early twenties, I can proudly say that I am more of a wise spender now that I am in my late twenties because I can unbelievably survive not going to the mall every payday now! Can anyone do the honor and dethrone me from being Miss Shopaholic? Haha. Because I’m no more an impulsive buyer now (maybe just a little – but I think quiet acceptable? *smirk)

Anyhoo, let me make a confession.. I am still a shopaholic and I think it’s one of my inborn traits. Haha. I have actually fabricated a story that maybe my Mom gave birth to me in the mall or probably while she was panic buying for baby clothes or perhaps she was obsessed with dolls when she was expecting a giggly, adorable baby girl – me!

I guess you probably know why I am not complaining of the tiresome weekends that I had. I spent parts of these sweaty weekends shopping in Baguio and around Metro Manila almost on a weekly basis. I could picture my closet smiling widely and excitedly – like me! *giggle

First item!

High waisted jeans

Why: It’s because I’m obsessed with high waist bottoms lately. The jeans perfectly fit my frame too and don’t look bad when folded. I also love how it was made; it totally matched the kind of high waist pants that I am looking for which I can’t find in the market today. I guess you can see or tell the difference between the pair of jeans that have been sewed long time ago than the ones tailored today. I prefer the high waist pants my Mom used to wear. It has this cut that helps women with small hipbones like me achieve a curvier frame.

Where: Just around our neighborhood in Pasig City

Cost: P55 ($1+) Told ya, I’m a wise shopper now. I swear I salivate over those boyfie jeans at Topshop but boy, I also swear that I won’t spend 2000 bucks on jeans! I think that’s too much. I can spend up to 3000 pesos if it’s about shoes but not with clothing pieces. Jeans can last a lifetime, cheap or not cheap but shoes don’t. And I have learned my lesson, I prefer buying expensive, specifically branded shoes over those cheap ones found locally.


No photos when worn yet but here are some previews of the high waisted jeans I’m obsessing about and I think something that I will always wear from now on since I am trying to totally alleviate the girly girl in me and focus on jeans as my main staple?

I bought a lot of clothes in Baguio and here in Metro Manila but I couldn’t post them all at once right now. Let’s see if I could get a chance to blog again about my shopping experience for each clothing next time. Hopefully!



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