“Fashion sighs after trends. I want timeless elegance. Fashion has no time. I do. I say: Hello Lady, how can I help you? Fashion has no time to even ask such a question, because it is constantly concerned with finding out: What will come next? It is more about helping women to suffer less, to attain more freedom and independence.” ― Yohji Yamamoto


So happy today ‘cause I think I have found a new photographer! Teehee. As you can see it’s been over a month now since the last time I have shared with you an OOTD post here. Not because I have been into another sad or busy chapter of my life but because I HAVE NO PHOTOGRAPHER – at all. Forget about my sister who has been my constant companion slash photographer because she’s been too occupied with her work and her days off are during weekdays. I thought it was hopeless already but this afternoon I was talking to a friend via Viber and thought of having a photo sesh with her out of the blue! I almost cried when she said yes and I hurriedly clean and dress up. A winner ‘cause she spotted my angle the moment she clicked on the camera. She knew how to make me look tall. Although she has to master the 50mm lens to have a crispier image outcome or probably I should have just brought with me my other lens with wider aperture or focal length? Not sure with the term though. Lol.




Outfit details: Don’t you think I’m overusing this bag and the hat, and that I need to find them a replacement already so they won’t wear out easily? Well, I think yes and I’m keeping that in mind. However, it’s like replacing your best friends over new ones. NOT easy. The hat and this bag have been my favorite fashion accessories, my material best buds. And I really find it hard to replace them.




Both the playsuit and the gladiator shoes were bought from random thrift shops, while the choker was from SM Department Store and tribal bracelet was from Kultura Filipino. And on my face was matte maroon lipstick of L.A. Colours, which is obviously becoming a favorite of mine.




What do you think of my outfit today?



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