Ice cream

“Do all the works you can while you still have the strength to work.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

Although I am feeling the pain throughout my body at the moment, I still want to rejoice and congratulate myself for surviving another crazy week. I am not quiet sure though if the pain was because of the workout that I have been trying so hard to religiously perform on a daily basis as a preparation for my upcoming Palawan trip or it’s because my random OCD struck a few days ago that I caught myself stuck in scrubbing our dirty floor and performing a major housekeeping. Or it could probably be my bad posture. I know I have not been sitting healthily in the office for the past few days, especially when I’m meeting some deadlines. I swear I couldn’t be shaken in my seat whenever I try to finish things ahead of time. To justify that, I could still feel some pressure at the lower part of my nape because of prolonged sitting. Thankfully, I was able to finish almost everything this week. Yaaaas, I can breathe and blog now!

OK, so here you go. Yesterday was Chinese New Year. The bad news, it’s being celebrated in the Philippines and considered as one of the non-working holidays but our client is based in Australia and it only means one thing –not a holiday for us. The good news was –no need to bump into other commuters, no crowd and definitely no traffic, yay! We were able to go a little farther from our usual office environment and had a photo sesh with our colleagues. My friend and also a colleague, Mike and I are planning to put up a photography website to showcase our hobby in photography and other forms of art in between. I’m just hoping though to have an extra time for this interesting activity because as you know I am always a superwoman in the making with some (stressful) side jobs during weekends.

Of course, before I end this post, I won’t forget to share with you what I wore yesterday. Apologies on my not so made up look because again as I have mentioned, this week had been stressful and yesterday wasn’t an exception.







Outfit details
Thrifted white tee
Thrifted ice cream printed romper
Topshop socks
Lacoste shoes


I’m so giddy about this romper! I almost didn’t want to take this but was too cute to ignore. And I don’t regret it because everyone loves it, too!

What do you think of my outfit today, lovelies?



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