I have always loved wearing swimsuits. I’m not sure if I had one when I was still a kid (I might need to ask my mom about it) but as far as I recall, the very first time I wore swimsuit was when I was still in high school. Please don’t laugh at me but it was actually one of the happiest days of my life! Imagine the feeling when you had to take it off and had to return it to its owner at the end of the day? I felt like something was taken from me, which in reality wasn’t really mine. Haha. Because what happened was I didn’t really ask permission from my parents and I kind of (white) lied just for me to go out that day. And, I had no plan to go swimming that’s why I never brought any bathing suit with me (because I didn’t own one, too lol). But as expected from a vulnerable teenager like me then, I let peer pressure won and I found myself grabbing the one-piece bathing suit that my friend teasingly handed me. And then I live happily ever after. LOL.


That’s why ever since I found my freedom (freedom of spending my own money tehee), swimsuits next to shoes have always been on my list whenever I go shopping. I don’t know but my heart skips a beat whenever there’s a swimsuit that fits my body frame perfectly, same feeling goes whenever I buy the pair of shoes that I have been drooling and dreaming about. Actually, swimsuit is the main reason why I love summer despite of having a very sweaty weather (which I truly hate).

Anyhow, don’t you think this swimsuit I wore in my Palawan trip was too cute too handle? I have been searching for the perfect white swimmie for the past years and I was lucky enough to finally found it at The Ramp Crossings a few weeks ago. Too cute, too stylish.

P.S. I didn’t plan to burn my skin but I got no choice but to accept the ugly truth that I’ve got instant and super tanned skin now. Obvious with the photos above.

Bye bye fair skin, hello tan! *sniffs


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