Diary, OOTDs


Why is it that when we’re happy, (sometimes) it’s too hard for us to write or say something? I guess it’s because some of the best things in life aren’t just free but best if not shared.

So… why am I saying this? It’s because I won’t be blogging too often from now on. I just want to focus on being happy and nothing else. I want to give myself a chance to FEEL what I should have felt if only I wasn’t too selfless, if only I wasn’t too scared and was positive enough to believe that not all endings are the same – are all SAD. And if only, I was brave enough to pull myself out from that comfort zone.

Yep, it took me several years to finally act beyond my comfort zone. I wasn’t even expecting that this could be this worth it. I tell you, it freakin’ feels good to be finally freed. For so long, I thought that the weight of the world was intended to be on my shoulder for the rest of my life and I don’t have the right to be happy anymore.

But I think God knows when to show up for He guided me so well in finally making the right and tough decision. To top it all off, I wasn’t even expecting for anything in return, a reward. I just wanted to be free. But He gave me not just freedom but happiness as well – and unexpected love. It’s like a dream that is finally turning into a reality. It was always what I longed for, what I see myself with even when I was still a kid. I feel like someone casted a spell on me and send me somewhere new, because whatever is happening right now is pure magic.

I have never felt something like this before that is why I am too selfish at the moment. As I have always told everyone, it’s too rare to find happiness and if you happen to find it, be thankful, embrace it and don’t ever let it go, even if it means possible heartache…

basic outfit

Outfit details:
Suite Blanco fringe bag
Thrifted top
H&M pants
Pull & Bear shoes

I will miss blogging here…but I sure will come back. 🙂


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