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Golly, I can’t believe that it’s been almost a month already since my last update here. That also means that it’s been a month now since my sister had her days off because you know, I can only go blogging whenever my sister has her free time as she is the one who do the photographs for me. And luckily, it’s her rest day today. Yay!

floral outfits

floral outfits

I still have a bunch of unused clothes in my closet and that includes this thrifted floral jumpsuit (turned into pants). I brought this in my Palawan trip and was actually perfect for the beach scenery but my head was hotter than summer during that trip and I ended up losing the vibe to dress up. Good thing, summer is the longest season here in PH, which makes it still possible for me to doll up in a flower-power vibe even on regular days, like today. I have decided to pair the jumpsuit with this H&M white tank top, which apparently was too fit on me. Whyyy, I just thought (was actually too sure that) I was still an XS when I purchased it and didn’t bother to fit it on anymore. Sooo.. OK, I gained weight. Period. LOL.

floral outfits

floral outfits

As you have noticed with my previous outfits, I’m a sucker for anything quirky, especially pants. I love weird pants so much. Weird yet comfortable. I know floral dress is typical but floral pants have its own quirks because not everyone can pull it off nicely. But I don’t feel like these floral pants won’t be too unique if paired with the-usual-girly-shoes as most girls do. So, I’ve decided to complete the outfit with a pair of my Levis white sneakers and it didn’t fail!

floral outfits

I am totally in love with these shoes! Obvious – because I’m wearing them almost everyday for the past two weeks. I can’t even believe how they match up perfectly with my other outfits, from girly dress to printed, quirky pants. I think that’s what all my shoes have in common – they’re all versatile. It’s just too bad because I’m not a caterpillar and I only have two feet. I wish to have more feet so I could wear them all but don’t you think that’s a bit scary? *laughs 😀

floral outfits

Outfit details:
Thrifted Saint Jack vintage bag
Thrifted floral pants/jumpsuit
H&M top
Levis shoes

Lastly, this vintage leather bag is definitely a winner in terms of wearability because it does blend in with most of my outfit, too!

What do you think of my outfit today, lovelies?


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