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“Life is a bowl of cherries. Some cherries are rotten while others are good; its your job to throw out the rotten ones and forget about them while you enjoy eating the ones that are good! There are two kinds of people: those who choose to throw out the good cherries and wallow in all the rotten ones, and those who choose to throw out all the rotten ones and savor all the good ones.” ― C. JoyBell C

Of course, I’m one of those who forget about the rotten ones and enjoy the good ones instead. 🙂

This year, I have decided to spend my birthday differently. ALONE and somewhere NEW. Yep, I traveled all the way to Singapore to celebrate my birthday. It’s something I was really looking forward to do ever since I knew assumed I was destined to be alone. (That was before and I was wrong with that assumption :D)

I was too nervous because I was alone but I made it!

It’s a stepping stone on turning my original plan into reality, which is to travel the world other than Asian countries. I’d like to visit countries that at least speak basic English because I honestly had a hard time communicating with the locals in Singapore.

Unfortunately, I was not in the mood to take pictures so I only have a couple of shots taken, which I posted on my Instagram. I wanted to just walk and walk and walk, until I was too drained already, so yes, I spent my birthday merely strolling around.

What’s amazing about that journey was my train experience, something I rarely do in the Philippines.

After a week of rest, together with my sister and friend, we traveled to Boracay for some beach fun. Below was the swimsuit I worn on my first day, purchased at Suite Blanco in SM Aura and cute sunnies were bought at Nava Shop in Market! Market!

Suite Blanco Swimsuit

Suite Blanco Swimsuit

Suite Blanco Swimsuit

Suite Blanco Swimsuit

Suite Blanco Swimsuit



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