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somewhere else

“The naked female body is treated so weirdly in society. It’s like people are constantly begging to see it, but once they do, someone’s a hoe.” — Lena Horne

Today’s post is about the Art Multimedia Exhibition which I have been part of a few days ago. I’m not really part of the group but I was one of the casts of one of its videos which have been displayed during the exhibit last September 4-7. The title of the video was “Somewhere Else” and was filmed and edited by Janine Arana. You can find and watch the video below:

What’s the video all about?

The video is about the colorful stages of a woman’s life. It was represented through the use of different colors such as purple, multi-colored, black  and white. It shows a girl (me) who walks endlessly through the woods, enjoys the nature, gets exhausted and tempted, then decided to explore outside the woods. She found herself on the beach, confused and couldn’t decide whether to continue with her life or end it. The last part of the video shows, she possibly drowned herself but in reality, she decided live despite of life’s complexities. 🙂

**I so love the song used for the video by the way and it’s one of my favourite & on-repeat songs in my playlist this past few days.

Here are some of our BTSs:

Below are the art galleries taken at the event:






Punto De Vista consists of creative minds grouped together as Clockwise Production. They are established in 2015 at the Asia Pacific College. molded to break the norms of gender inequality. Each artist has its own point of view on phases that each female being had went through, expressing the loudest silence for the freedom of equal treatment for both genders. The group is a commune of higher realizations for gender empathy through a diversity of art mediums from traditional art (painting), mixed media, video installation, sculpting, photography, and graphic design.

If you believe that women are and should be treated as potential intellectuals/socials equal to men, then follow Punto de Vista’s updates on Facebook or on Instagram.


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