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“Hide things everywhere. Forget about them. Find them randomly and feel surprised like a pirate finding buried treasure. Avoid scurvy. Love more.” ― Jarod Kintz

Everything today is surprising. First, it’s almost end of September and supposedly a cold season already and yet I surprisingly woke up so wet in my own sweat! I’m a person who doesn’t sweat a lot and when I do, it means the temperature is absolutely very hot.

I have a bunch of things planned for the day so I decided to get up, fixed myself and skipped daydreaming (one of my morning routines) because I know that if I stayed a bit more in bed I would probably melt already.

When my sister and I were on our way where the public utility van (PUV) usually stops, we were both surprised how calm and clean the City Plaza was. First time we saw it with less people scattered around! Seriously, it’s the place here in Pasig City that never sleeps! In the morning, you would see a Zumba class being held there. At noon, it’s the usual busy street, filled with both public and private vehicles. In the afternoon to evening, expect a sudden rush of noisy students gathering around, talking nonstop and endlessly. You would also encounter inseparable couples who walk like they’re the only people in the world, holding hands like it’s their first and last. Sometimes, when I’m rushing, I would cut these couples in or bump with them just to let them know that they are in a public place and they need to hurry up or at least let us pass with ease. What’s more annoying are these careless beggars running around and the skater boys who always, if not, most of the time hit me. I think I know now the cause of random hematoma in my arms.  Geeeh, it’s really never convenient to walk around this place. *rollingeyes*

That’s why I was so glad of how peaceful the place was today! 🙂 It was like a once in a lifetime chance so I did take a photo, of course! Lookie below! x

pasig city plaza

The place looks nice, right? Well, it really is a beautiful place –supposedly. You will see a lot of vintage houses at the back part of the Plaza. And I think you already know how sucker I am when it comes to anything vintage so the place should have been a perfect spot to do my outfit shoots ––  if only it’s a less traveled road. But it’s the centre of the city, so what can I do?


And ––I was even able to have a quick OOTD photo there, too!

The glasses by the way are real and EXPENSIVE that I felt like I was held up upon consultation, but it did help me anyway so it didn’t matter. I was diagnosed with slight astigmatism but positive with eye strain. I thought it was something I could just wear while using the computer but the doctor strictly advised me to wear the glasses at all times. And she was right, the headaches stopped and I didn’t feel nauseated anymore. So, expect these glasses to be part of my very stylish accessories on my next OOTD posts.

Lastly, I accomplished everything today. Yay! It’s surprising because it’s rare for someone as forgetful as me to to complete all the task that have to be done. I even almost forgot what my partner specifically asked me to do the night before – go to a jeweller and ask for my ring finger size! ❤ So, I think it’s not a surprise anymore that she would give me a ring in the future? 😀 I was surprised because I didn’t know I had almost the smallest size of 3 and in Sabo, nothing could fit me there because they’re smallest size is 48 and I’m just 45.

We went to a bookstore because I needed to buy a fancy portfolio and some paper pins. Of course, there’s always a pen that went with them. I don’t know but I’m always itching to buy a pen, sometimes a notebook whenever I’m inside a bookstore.

I couldn’t find a paper to test if the ink was working so I just wrote my name and my dearest’s name on my hand. ❤ I’m a 20ishhh with a heart of a 16 year old kid, maybe! 😀


All was good but the happiest highlight of the day was the food we ate. Geez! I was like a pig craving and starving like crazy and I can still feel how full I am until now. 😀

Gerry's Grill Menu

Itlog na Pula Ensalada
Itlog na Pula Ensalada

bibingka – the Philippine cupcake "Bibingka is a type of rice cake from the Philippines traditionally eaten during the Christmas season."
“Bibingka is a type of rice cake from the Philippines traditionally eaten during the Christmas season.”

I can’t believe I have completed a blog post today, with photos taken using just my Iphone 6! Surprising!!

Wish you a weekend full of surprises, lovelies!



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