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“Be happy with what you have. Be excited about what you want.” – Alan Cohen

I can’t wait for 2016! I’m excited at the same time a little bit nervous because I know that it will be a total different year for me. I’m not a fortune teller to know what lies ahead but I guess if you have plans in mind and you’re very eager to do everything just to make things happen, you won’t need a fortune teller to find out what your destiny would be.

I have plenty of goals for 2016 and these are actually one of the many reasons why I’m always so giddy lately. They are a bit scary but as what they used to say, ‘if your goals don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough’ and –it might be true in my case. For example, I have recently been offered a good position in a company. The opportunity excites me at the same scares me. It excites me because part of my 2016 is ‘to settle down’ and this involves every aspect of my life. Yep, every choice that I will make for the next year has to be permanent. This, of course, involves choosing a lifetime partner and (hopefully) a lifetime job and/or business partner. I can’t even believe how my fate agrees with my plans and helps me in putting things together. I also love how my fate can be a little tricky sometimes, giving bumps along the way, like meeting the wrong people, making a bad decision, or in most cases, waiting for-everr. It’s just a good thing because I have a very active lifestyle plus a colorful life so there’s been a lot of things that either entertain me or occupy my time while in the process of ‘waiting’. I think the key, really, is not to lose hope? And be more patient?

Anyhoo — changing the topic to stop myself from telling you about all my plans. Of course, they’re still a surprise! 😀

We went out today to eat some good food and photoshoot a bit for my blog because part of my 2016 plan is to be more active in blogosphere, to post at least once a week and collect partners. I have one now, see Revolve Clothing below who accepted me to become an affiliate to their brand. I wanted to post an OOTD today (as usual) but –– shit happened. It was just too unfortunate that we brought the camera without the memory card in it! >.< So, please bear with me if photos I’m sharing with you today are not in so good quality as I only used my phone just to make blogging possible, as planned.
mutzii - filipina fashion & style blogger

mutzii - filipina fashion & style blogger

mutzii - filipina fashion & style blogger

Outfit details:

Sunnies from somewhere

Thrifted lacey dress

Suite Blanco suede fringe bag

Forever 21 sandals

Kultura Filipino bracelet

P.S. I bought this fringe bag and this pair of strappy sandals last May/June and I have only used them the second time today. The bag – I really never thought that I would still like it.  As usual, it was purchased without thinking :P.  I was even planning to dispose it because I didn’t like its default strap. It was too long and just to hard to match with my ‘usual’ outfit combo. It’s a good thing I’ve discovered that it has its second strap which is shorter and it’s so fit me. Thank God!




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