NYX Slim Eye Liner Pencil 918 White Pearl
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nyx white pearl

Slim trim but never prim. Our Slim Eye Pencils come in a variety of entrancing shades—from seafoam green to black glitter. The creamy long-wearing eye liner formula goes on easily and resists bleeding. – Nyx Cosmetics

So happy with my new eye liner! I have been trying to look for the perfect creamy white eye liner for my lower eye lines and I guess this one from Nyx Cosmetics will not disappoint! It’s soft, creamy and very pigmented. I also love the mild glittery effect when applied to eyes.  Its whiteness is the best, too! It’s not the bright white that sort of illuminates because I don’t like those cosmetics that make me look like a drag queen. I am a very minimalist when it comes to face cosmetics so I truly appreciate simple yet sassy makeups. One more thing, it’s been in my eyes for half day already and I surprisingly don’t feel irritated, at all! The reason why it’s hard for me find the perfect eye liner because the ones I used before make my eyes puffy and teary. Yay! And Nyx Cosmetics has really really good price, I must say!

And yep, I’m beauty blogging now! x


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