Maybelline’s Velvet Matte Liquid Lip Color Mat 12
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“Discover Maybelline’s latest innovation, a liquid lip color which creates a liquid-to-matte sensation while providing petal smooth comfort.” – Maybelline, MY

Maybelline lippies never fail to impress me – in terms of color + moisture. I was only looking around a few days ago for some possible gifts for a beauty junkie friend this Christmas when I stumbled upon this oh-some lipstick. The plan was to buy one for my friend but I ended up also buying for myself. 😀 I’m so in love with the nudeness of this Maybelline’s Velvet Matte Liquid Lip Color Mat 12.

Maybelline’s Velvet Matte Liquid Lip Color Mat 12

It’s not the nude that makes me look pale but instead it adds a little color to my face. The little tint of peachiness is so perfect for my skin tone. I think peachy lipstick never really goes wrong with me? (I have fair skin by the way)


Remember what I posted in this beauty post? I mentioned how much I love my old Maybelline’s Angel Rose Moisture Extreme Lip Color and the color also plays around peach and pink, which still is the most perfect lipstick for me (see my old photo below)


I like how moisturizing and super pigmented this Mat 12 is. However, it has a poor staying power for me. It even didn’t last half my shift! If you’re the type of girl who doesn’t do (too much) retouching in a day, this lipstick is not probably for you.  And if you love the dry, sticky, super pigmented type of matte-ness, this also is not for you because I couldn’t feel any hint of (typical) matte when I applied it. I just love how the color compliments my skin that’s why I bought it. Plus, I don’t have light colored lipstick anymore and Maybelline always has the color that’s so perfect for me.

What’s your favourite lipstick edition at Maybelline?



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