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“I do my best thinking at night when everyone else is sleeping. No interruptions. No noise. I like the feeling of being awake when no one else is.”― Jennifer Niven

I’m a little bit upset right now. As I have been fretting about in my Facebook the past few days, I wanted to be home (in the province) with my family this holiday season. I think this is the very first time I spent Christmas here in Manila ever since I left the call center world 6 years ago. After quitting that industry (that doesn’t have holidays bdw), I would always make sure that I have filed a vacation leave for Christmas up to New Year. I was lucky enough to work under Australian and/or European companies where Christmas holidays were their most anticipated vacation and employees were allowed to go on long breaks. When I say long break, it’s really a looong break like 2 weeks off from work! Just how great, right?

But this year (insert rolling eyes here).. it’s just not easy to have a long holiday break because I’m working under US company and the only non-working holidays are Christmas and New Year, which means we still need to report on work on the days between these non-working days. *pouts

So, instead of fussing about and be sad about it forever, I booked a hotel room in Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang for a Christmas staycation with my sister. I booked our hotel room a few weeks before holiday and there were still lots of rooms available. I was thinking that maybe because most Filipinos usually spend their Christmas together with their families at home. I felt giddy with that thought because that means I could have the infinity pool and other amenities all by myself to feature on my blog. Unfortunately, I was wrong and I was so dismayed when we got there because (holy cow!) there were lots of guests that day. It was a good thing because we had a chance to plunge into the pool and stayed a bit during our first night (see below) because when I tried to go there in the morning the next day, the pool was friggin full with families or probably extended families (lol)!

Azumi Boutique Hotel Infinity Pool

So again, instead of fussing about and be mad about it forever, I asked my sister to go with me downstairs and stroll around for my OOTD post. Outfit and details below:


filipina fashio style blogger

filipina fashio style blogger

filipina fashio style blogger

filipina fashio style blogger

filipina fashion style blogger
Skirt was originally a tube dress but I lose so much weight that it doesn’t fit the bust part anymore. To make it useful again, I patiently sewed it by hand and turned into a boho-ish skirt. What do you think of my reinvented skirt, dolls?

Outfit details:

Pull and bear sunnies

H&M cropped top

DIY skirt

Suite Blanco bag

Charlotte Russe jelly sandals

Lesson learned – never ever plan a staycation on Christmas day, especially in PH! Plus, I have also realised that I’m not a staycation kind of girl. I feel like it’s such a waste of money for me doing something I can just do at home? But again, it was an impulsive decision, as always. I should really need to force myself to spend money wisely in 2016. Crossing my fingers!!

Anyhows, below are the photos I managed to capture in between busy people walking around. 😐 The breathtaking interior was so beautiful that I didn’t really care if I couldn’t  take photos of other parts of the hotel, their infinity pool for example!

Azumi Boutique Hotel
Azumi Boutique Hotel’s Lobby
Romulo Cafe, Alabang
Romulo Cafe
Romulo Cafe
Romulo Cafe

Can you see people around? Nah, right? That’s the art of cropping. 😀

I had a (little) boho-ring Christmas but I hope you had a very good Christmas day, lovelies!



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