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Quicksilver Geminis could actually “settle down” in 2016.. Globetrotting Jupiter could point you to a new postal code or a yearlong position overseas. With maturing Saturn in Sagittarius and your partnership house all year, you’re ripening to the idea of a real-deal relationship—and with someone who stands the test of time. Source:

I would always read horoscope to cheer myself up, but this year’s horoscope is so true, I had to share! Everything is actually on point that I’m so giddy (again/always) right now! 😀

I’m on my second week here in Germany, with my love. Finally! After a year of long distance relationship, minus that so quick three-weeks vacay she had with me in my homeland, we’re finally togetherr and fo a longerr time!! YAY!!

I wanted to write a bit longer today, but with so many things that I have been aching to share, it’s actually ironic because I’m lost for words. So, I guess I would just share what I have been up to for the past few days through pictures. 😉

travel blog germany

It’s funny how frogs (stuffed frogs of course) are treated so special here in DE. While we were grocery shopping the other day, I saw a collection of chocolate frogs exclusively displayed on one corner and then, when we jumped in to another store, frogs were again everywhere! I was told by my girlfriend’s mom that frogs bring good luck and prevent you from getting sick. She gave me a special stone (I forgot the name) in frog shape as a gift because she knew how obsessed I am with frogs. 🙂

Also, I have realized that Filipinos are not the most hospitable culture in the whole world because it’s Polish people who are friendlier and more welcoming. They’re super nice that it’s really hard for you to refuse them. And ughhh, did I say they don’t just have a big heart but big appetite too? 😐

I think it would take a few more months for me to share an outfit post here because I couldn’t stand the coldness around here. BRRR!

Hope y’all are having a great warm day!



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