my travel and outfits in ibiza


“I get it now; I didn’t get it then. That life is about losing and about doing it as gracefully as possible…and enjoying everything in between.” ― Mia Farrow

Hola bellezas!

I’m so itching to write about our one-week vacation in Ibiza since yesterday when we arrived but I didn’t have so much time. I was so tired and yet we still had to get rid of the bothering sight of our laundry bin, piled up with so much dirty clothes from our trip. I was like a zombie dragging myself to do some household chores actually. I could put things off but unfortunately, we had to do everything or our clothes will rot when we get back from Poland. Yes, we will be away again for several days for a family gathering. I wish I can find some good place there to also share with you or I hope that we will have enough time to stroll around. Although, I’m not sure of it because Polish people tend to be so clingy when it comes to special gathering. They want your attention so much as guest that even holding your phone sometimes is not possible. 🙂

So while I can’t write a full, serious story yet of our trip in Ibiza because I have a lot of clients’ work to do (consequence of being away for so long! :|) I would like to share with you today what I wore during our second day in Ibiza, which happened to be sunny but was too cold and windy, which as you can see made me hair stylishly messy. 🙂





my travel and outfits in ibiza



Outfit details:

Forever 21 headband

Sunnies (wifey’s)

Top bought somewhere in Germany

Levis belt

Pull and Bear shorts (wifey’s when she was still as small as me)

Adidas bag (wifey’s)

Nike shoes



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