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ibiza II

Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s well-known for the lively nightlife scene in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni, where major European nightclubs have summer outposts. It’s also home to quiet villages, yoga retreats and beaches, from Platja d’en Bossa, lined with hotels, bars and shops, to quieter sandy coves backed by pine-clad hills found all around the coastline. – Wikipedia

We booked this Ibiza trip January of this year when my visa to Germany was granted already (after a month of waiting in vain!). We wanted to cancel the trip a few weeks after booking because we were both too excited that we didn’t think first whether my visa would allow me to travel to other European countries or not. We tried but we failed because it was too late to cancel the trip anymore for some reason. Fortunately, we were told at the Aliens Office that I could travel with my visa for as long as it’s still valid. My visa has a validity period until 21st of May and the trip was May 5th to May 12th. I also received a letter from Ausländerbehörde a day before our flight confirming my application for a residence permit, which made me more confident that I am eligible to travel to other European countries – already.

my German visa and passport

my residence permit in Germany

Reading forums and blogs before traveling to make yourself prepared for airport checking somehow isn’t really a good idea. It makes you more paranoid. I realize that exag checking inside the airport (probably) happens only in the Philippines because I was so ready mentally of the possible questioning by some airport officers (like what the officers in PH airport normally do) but there was nothing. As a matter of fact, it was a swift process. Too far from what I wildly imagined. We checked in our baggage and waited for our boarding time and that’s it, we were in Ibiza in more or less three hours. Even when we were in Ibiza already, there was no further checking done, like what I encountered when I went to Singapore last year, when the officer has to get a lot of details from me like my purpose of stay and my accommodation. I was just a little bit disappointed because I was expecting another stamp on my passport but nah, we arrived and went out the airport like we traveled by land where passport was not needed.

This trip was booked via agency DerTouristik. It’s a one-week trip with all inclusive package (flight + hotel + accommodation). We paid roughly 1000 euros, which is a little bit expensive but the unlimited alcohol drinks made this all inclusive rate worth it (lol). Upon arrival, a big van was already waiting for us outside the airport to accompany us to Aparthotel Nereida at San Antonio bay, Ibiza, our hotel. I was a little guilty because I was so snob that I really avoided the guy who was trying to get my attention by greeting me (BY MY NAME!), only to realize later that he was in fact the driver of the van. LOL. I was secretly embarrassed and cursed my beloved homeland for having that attitude because goshhh, when in Manila, upon going out of the airport, you can expect already for so many pushy people outside who are almost harassing you with their scam-ish offers, from transpo to accommodation. *rollingeyes

In just around twenty minutes, we were at the hotel already. We were greeted by the friendly Spanish hotel keepers who were multi-lingual as they speak Spanish, German and English. Imagine my relief? I have been deprived with freedom of speech for almost three months in Germany, because only my wife speaks English at home. She always has to translate everything for me to be able to communicate with the people around us. I will talk about more of this with you lovelies, when I have a chance on writing about Polish culture, probably in the next couple of days. 😉

Nereida Aparthotel, Hotels in Sant Antoni de Portmany



Here’s my outfit on our 5th day in Ibiza.

my outfit in ibiza

my outfit in ibiza

my outfit in ibiza

my outfit in ibiza

my outfit in ibiza

my outfit in ibiza

my outfit in ibiza

my outfit in ibiza

my outfit in ibiza
goofy pose it is 😀

Outfit details:

Forever 21 sunnies

Speedo one piece swimsuit

Bossini denim shorts

Bag bought from one of Ibiza shops

Casio watch

Adidas shoes

Hotel Location



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