“Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.” ― Steve Maraboli

As mentioned in my Twist of Fate post, you will see my wife’s face take over my blog from time to time. With that, today’s post is about her.

One of the things I do on my free time is to check old photos in my phone and laptop, sometimes on Facebook as most of my old photo albums are there kept in private. I was looking through our photos in Ibiza and I thought of sharing with you some of my wife’s solo, picture-worthy shots. You know, just to make my blog active, and full of love? 😛

My friends on Facebook and Instagram are probably fed up already because I post a lot about her but.. why not? I love taking photos and it just happened that she’s the only willing (sometimes unwilling) subject that I have. Hehe! 😀 She kept on saying that she’s not photogenic, but nah I always know how to find her beauty side. I guess we are all (if not, majority of us are) not photogenic. I, myself, was even so camera shy decades ago because I always had bad pictures, which made me think that I was also not photogenic. *frowns* But when I learned how to take photos and make all things beautiful, I realised that it’s not the subject’s fault, but sometimes it’s really the one who’s taking the picture who is making us not-so photogenic.

Me as camera shy? Say that again? LOL. Forget about that. It’s now considered a throwback story. 😀 I just don’t know what happened because now I’m kind of a narcissist already. Hmm, let’s make that a little cute by saying I got enough confidence already that I learned to love myself, more? It’s true. I used to dislike a lot of things about myself. My huge gums, my smile, my big round face, my ugly curly hair, my super sensitive skin and ugh, so much more. One time, my gay friend had got enough of my complaining that he said, “If you don’t like yourself, then let’s switch! You won’t have huge gums but you would have a huge nose!” I replied with a BIG NO. Right there and then, I started loving myself. I got scared of his proposal that I realised that I would never want to be anybody else, even in the next life, even if I have the biggest gum in the world. 😀

So, anyways, let me share with you already my wife’s beautiful shots! I was saying that my post today is about her but look how narcissist I am for talking about myself again. Haha! Please my accept my sincerest apology! x











Lastly, do you know that I’m the one styling her ever since we have been together? It’s pretty obvious how she evolved, but I am not allowed to share old photos. Sorry! But you can play with your imagination by thinking she used to wear hip hop or punk style, with the bling bling. *rollingeyes* Yes, there’s this “Love me for who I am” thing but that kind of style doesn’t suit her, especially she prefers the dark, sweaty, noisy style? Or it can be because I’m just not a fan. I always prefer clean looking outfits. A lot of white actually. Or coloured ones with good, fresh fabrics. She also used to wear big shoes, for example the ones she wore here, which I just learned to appreciate lately just because they look perfect with shirts and pants I choose for her. If only you could see her old style, you would totally understand what I am saying here. For example, red converse shoes paired with red pants, then plaid top, with dreads? Yikes! So messy! LOL. *Sorry baby for bullying you, again! HAHA* I love her for who she is but a little changing won’t hurt. And she’s actually loving her new self to the extent she’s also becoming a narcissist like me! 😀

What do you think of her Puma shoes? Now she also appreciates slim shoes because of me. 😉



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