“One of the advantages of being disorganized is that one is always having surprising discoveries.” ― A.A. Milne

So I have discovered the power of video editing and currently hooked to tweaking and exploring more about the process. I don’t know when the iMovie was created but I find it hard to believe why I was not using this powerful tool before. I find it really amazing that I spent half of my day yesterday doing a video of our trip in Ibiza.

The process is easy but what made the whole thing hard was picking out the photos to include and compressing all the files to fit into the music assigned. Not to mention, I sort of have a twisted mind. You know that moment when everything looks fine already but something would come up in your head, which sometimes require doing the whole thing over again. Annoying but it always happens to me. Like all the effin time. @@

Even doing and blending the filter I use for my OOTD posts here takes forever for me to finish. What’s frustrating is that after spending the whole time post-processing, it’s either I would still end up not liking the outcome or I would see something wrong again. I hate myself sometimes. 😐

This struggle never stops actually because it happened again yesterday while I was creating our video. I was repeating everything from the very beginning countless times before I finally got tired and just stick to the current changes I did to the video. I’m not even so satisfied with how the video sequence turned out but I just got to be more patient I think because I’m still in the learning process and that I can’t digest everything in one day. Plus, I don’t have my whole life doing just this, right? Super time consuming but I’m glad of my discovery. 😀

You may see the video below. (Warning: Cheesiness overload!)



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