Shoes, Shopping


“I remembered her once saying that life was like your shoes. You couldn’t simply expect or imagine that your shoes would fit perfectly. Shoes that pinched your feet were a fact of life.” ― Henning Mankell

Many of my shoes were left in the Philippines. I have more or less 50 pairs of still good shoes but I only brought with me a couple.


  • People are People knee high gladiators
  • Forever 21 embroidered lace up sandals
  • Forever 21 faux leather ankle strap sandals
  • Stradivarius Stivaletto Traforature boots
  • Pull & Bear black shoes
  • H&M black shoes
  • Jeffrey Campbell Skulltini flats
  • Ichigo gold shoes
  • Lacoste sneakers – not in the image
  • Adidas Supergrip sneakers
  • Gifted boots
  • Thrifted boots – not in the image

I was cleaning my wardrobe a few days ago and I realised that I left some of my most favourite vintage shoes like the sandals I wore in this old OOTD post. I also forgot one of my old sunnies that I bought from Forever 21, which you may see in this outfit post. Hopefully, someday I would have the time and the cash to go back home and get all these old goodies of mine in PH.

It may not be obvious from the photos above, but I’m in fact a fan of sneakers. I have left a lot of good sneakers to my younger sister in PH. Just how lucky she is! You can imagine how heartbreaking it was, leaving 75% of my  beloved shoes behind, miles away from me. It’s such a good thing though that my wife is also a sneakerhead so it’s not a big big problem to start collecting sneakers (or shoes) again here in Deutschland. Four months here in DE and I have 4 pairs of shoes added to my old ones. ❤

Converse White Monochrome Sneakers

The very latest ones are these Converse White Monochrome Sneakers I purchased at I was lucky enough because it was on SALE. I bought it for only 50€ from 84.99€. Delivery was so fast and I got it overnight!





The History of Sneakers

That same year, Marquis Converse produced the first shoe made just for basketball, called Converse All-Stars. In 1923, an Indiana hoops star named Chuck Taylor endorsed the shoes, and they became known as Chuck Taylor All-Stars. These are the best-selling basketball shoes of all time.Sneakers go back a long way. In the late 18th century, people wore rubber soled shoes called plimsolls, but they were pretty crude—for one thing, there was no right foot or left foot. Around 1892, the U.S. Rubber Company came up with more comfortable rubber sneakers with canvas tops, called Keds. By 1917, these sneakers began to be mass produced. (They got the nickname sneakers because they were so quiet, a person wearing them could sneak up on someone.)

Sneakers Go Global

Sneakers went international in 1924. That’s when a German man named Adi Dassler created a sneaker that he named after himself: Adidas. This brand became the most popular athletic shoe in the world. Track star Jessie Owens wore Adidas when he won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics. Adi’s brother Rudi started up another famous sports shoe company: Puma.

During the first half of the 20th century, sports shoes were worn mostly to play sports. But in the 1950s, kids began wearing them as fashion statements. Even more teens followed the fad after seeing James Dean in sneakers in the popular movie Rebel Without a Cause.

Innovation at a Price

Sales of sneakers really took off in 1984, when Michael Jordan signed a contract to wear a Nike shoe called Air Jordans—the most famous sneaker ever made. Even after Jordan retired from the NBA, his shoes continued to be best sellers. As companies like Nike, Reebok and Adidas competed, they changed the way sneakers looked, adding wild colors and doing away with laces. Sneakers began to be produced for every sport, including walking, skateboarding and “cross training.”

New sneaker technologies increase performance. Nike’s Air Force used little pockets of gas to create better cushioning, while Reebok introduced The Pump—air pumped into shoes to make them fit more snugly. Sneaker surprises continue: Spira Footwear, for example, has built a spring in the soles to reduce foot stress. Of course, innovations like these come with a price: Athletic shoes often cost more than $100 a pair!



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