white tees

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”― Coco Chanel

During our early months of getting to know each other, my wife asked me what my favourite colour is. I replied with a simple answer, “White!”. “White? That’s pretty basic.”, she commented.  Yes, I love white because with white you can never go out of style. It’s stylish, clean and comfortable. Right?

Although wearing full white one-piece outfit such as dress or jumpsuits is eye-catchy sometimes, which I don’t really prefer. On the other hand, wearing white pants or shorts requires you a little more careful, especially when sitting down or moving around. My favourite white fashion pieces are T-shirts and shoes. If you’re a regular stalker (*winks) of my blog, you probably have noticed that most of my sneakers are white, and so with the tops I often wear.

And because my wife loves to impress me, she’s little by little saying goodbye to her old rebellious coloured clothing (or maybe self, too?). From so many black T-shirts, she has more white ones now in her closet. Outfit below is a proof!







Guess where all her black shirts gone? It’s in my closet! I’m not sure if these shirts really gone so small to fit her body that she is passing them on to me or it’s her way of saying goodbye to her old clothes in a less painful manner. @@

Most of the shirts she gave me remain unworn in my closet. Why? First, most of them are with baby sleeves. Second, shoulder part doesn’t fit my shoulder frame. Third, they’re (of course) black and lastly, it’s summer, which made it a little impossible for me to wear it. I have this one favourite among the shirts she gave me though. I like the cut even if it’s black and quite big on me. Hopefully, I can get to wear it one of these days and share it here with you. 🙂



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