german x filipino

“Keep your language. Love its sounds, its modulation, its rhythm. But try to march together with men of different languages, remote from your own, who wish like you for a more just and human world.” ― Hélder Câmara

I can’t believe that it’s almost weekend again! I don’t know what’s with Germany but time here runs so freaking fast. It’s ironic though because I have been here for only four months (exactly today?) but I feel like I have been living here for so long already. Although as what the Ate said from the Filipino gathering that we have attended to last weekend, “Naku, madami ka pang kakaining patatas!” It means I have yet to eat a lot of potatoes (because most German dishes are made with potatoes?) to finally adapt to German culture. Well, it’s true. To start with, I will attend an integrated course to finally and officially learn German language. I’m quite excited about it because I really wanted to learn more languages other than Tagalog-English, my mother tongue.

Way back in high school, I chose European languages as my first choice for my Bachelors degree when I took up the entrance test in University of the Philippines. The thought of being multilingual somewhat excites me back then and even now. I was even a regular visitor of our town’s library (avoiding our school’s library because it’s always full and too noisy) learning French on my own. I was just around 15 or 16 years old then so you can understand why I totally forgot about the language now and so with the Spanish language which was taught during my college days. Also, these languages were not practiced as no one speaks French or Spanish in the Philippines. In my province, some words are mixed with or originated from Spanish words but that doesn’t mean that we speak Spanish fluently (and completely) already. And even so, one can never master a certain language in my old country because everyone mixes language with another language. For example, our mother tongue is not so Filipino or Tagalog anymore because almost everyone combines words with English, sometimes other languages, and sometimes uses slang terms. It’s actually funny how everyone of us still understands each other. Although, older ones have a hard time adopting to our modernized words.

Last Sunday, was an unexpected happiness. Together with my wife and the in laws, we went to attend a Filipino gathering in Wilhelmsfeld, at the same to time meet a new friend here in Germany. I’m not a patriotic person and it was the kind of event I don’t usually attend but I surprisingly felt at home seeing fellow Filipinos in a foreign land where I still feel so alienated. Yay?

Here’s what I wore in that event:









Outfit details:

Pull & Bear sunnies

Kultura Filipino necklace

Forever 21 cropped top

Thrifted high waist denim pants

Thrifted vintage bag

Casio watch

Pull & Bear shoes

For you to have a little idea of what happened in that Filipino event, here’s a short video and some snaps:

Germany x Philippines united for Jose Rizal’s 155th birth anniversary

Rach with our mudra, who totally enjoyed the event because she wanted to take a video of each folk dance performed in the program. 😀




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