hm forever 21

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun” ― Pablo Picasso

Hey, lovelies! Dropping by to give you a quick update of my discovery today. Guess what? I found a perfect spot in our home for my OOTD! I have been really thinking of setting up a studio-ish space here so I won’t have to disturb my wife’s skateboarding session, or whatever outdoor activities she has whenever when we’re out and also, so I don’t have to go out all the time. 😛

The only problem though of taking your own photos for blogging is that the lens has to capture a subject to have a clear shot. With white wall and almost white ground, the lens can’t read a subject which creates a blurry screen. I own this camera since 3 years ago but I still I haven’t fully explored its settings yet. Maybe there’s a special setting for that or I’m using the wrong lens? If you know what I mean, please enlighten me!

I tried setting it to Manual since I’m using a tripod anyway but it doesn’t give me the option to adjust the brightness (?) which I normally do because post-processing is easier and cleaner with brighter images. I often use the Creative Auto (CA) settings because it gives me the perfect light for my filter, however, there are days that my photographer forgets to adjust the settings. I can’t blame her because it’s such a tedious thing to do, adjusting the camera over and over again whenever you turn it on. Yes, because with Creative Auto, it has to be always adjusted according to your own preference once you switched it off. That’s why if it’s outdoor, I normally use the AV and A-DEP settings to have auto brightness and background blur.

But for indoor, it really is the Creative Auto that works best (for me). What I do to have a clear shot, I point the camera first to an object and then once I see the green prompt in the screen, I would point it back to where I would stand to pose. Right after that, you would imagine me running hurriedly because I only have 10 seconds to fix myself and pose. LOL. And yeah, the struggle is real!

vintage floral dress

vintage floral dress

vintage floral dress

Some shots are blurr, but whatevurr. There’s my best bud Photoscape to help me fix the images anyways. 😀

vintage floral dress

vintage floral dress

vintage floral dress

vintage floral dress

hm flat shoes
find the photombomber! 😀

Outfit details:

Pull & Bear sunnies

Thrifted vintage bag

{these two are my faves as you can see! ;)}

Gifted top

Forever 21 dress

Old socks xx

H&M shoes



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