“Along the way, let’s never forget that once we were children and that we were all playing together without distinction of skin color, society level, or where people come from. Adults need to remember to play and to be more childlike in our behavior. We’ve forgotten what that childlike experience was like.” – Guy Laliberte

Hi lovelies!

We had a busy day today. We were in charge to look after the kids because the mom in law needed to go for her doctor’s appointment. Today was also the only day for us to be with them before they go back in Poland because we will be in Berlin this weekend.

These kiddos are extremely sweet. The boys are very polite. You can see how apologetic they are whenever the youngest and the only girl starts throwing tantrum. I am also so amused with their boyish stories. Norbert is our source when it comes to technology. He is always updated with the latest gadgets. He even called us today to inform us about the upcoming iPhone7. Being the eldest, he innately acts as the big boy among the three. He was even so mad and concerned when Iga took off her clothes when we were in the playground, reprimanding her that it’s not a prim and proper for a girl to be almost naked outdoor. Lastly, this kid seriously loves food! I made carbonara for them, but he was the only one who ate almost everything. He told me I cooked it so good but I doubt if he’s telling the truth because when I asked him if it’s his favourite dish, he told me that he likes a lot of food, actually all food. So? 🙂

Kuba is the hippie one. He loves football, One Direction and Air Max shoes (the thing he got from her Aunt Godmom, who happens to be my beloved D). He also knows Indie playlist on Spotify, which I like ;). He’s a pickyeater but likes cola a lot. And what becomes him more hipster? His man bun! Unfortunately, the traditional grandma somewhat doesn’t like that kind of hairstyle, which leaves him no choice but to either wear a cap or brush it down.


While the little girl, as I have said in my previous post, was all the time entwined with me. I think it’s because she found a lady companion in my presence, which is far impossible with her Ciocia Daria. She may throw tantrums and tends to be a little bratty sometimes, but that, I think is normal, especially as being the youngest at the same time only girl in the family. I adore her for being easy-going at a very young age though. She has the ability to blend in, because she can be one of the boys riding her scooter and then, a little girl doing typical girly stuff on some days. What amazed me more is how brave she is. Why, she was riding the slides (for adults!) countless times last Sunday in Miramar Salz & Kristall Therme, while I was really a nampy-pamby one because I’m not really into such activity. Call me coward, but I’m just too scared. Obvious with the video below :D:

The only thing that they have in common? Ice cream. 🙂

We struggled a bit (esp Ciocia Daria and the Grandma:D)but we will miss them for sure.










Outfit details:

Forever 21 headband x sunnies

Adopted old clothes from the wife

Casio watch

Thrifted bag

Nike sneakers



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