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game over!

“Do not constantly spend your time complaining about a problem you may be having or may be up against, focus your time toward correcting the problem. Always remember, Time is value!” ― Victoria Addino

Today, all the packages we ordered last week arrived already. That’s why as you can see in the photo below, our kitchen was a mess after fitting on our new shoes! You’re probably wondering why in the kitchen when we can go to our bedroom or living room for a comfier fitting space. The thing is whenever our orders are shipped to our home, we don’t go further anymore and open the package right away, to the nearest room, which is our kitchen! 🙂

that’s my pair of super cute house slippers bdw photobombing! ❤

It’s very unfortunate though because all the pants we purchased didn’t fit. I ordered a size 26 pair of chino but they were way too big on me, while my wife’s pants were too small. The truth is I don’t really know anymore my pants’ size. As you can see, I’m not so into pants, especially skinny denim jeans. All I know is that I am in between size XS/S when shopping for shirts, dresses and skirts. When I purchased the chino pants, 26 was the smallest size so I thought it would be fine. It was two or three inches bigger and longer. We decided to return everything because there’s no way we can have them fit.

On the other hand, I don’t really like the fit of one of my new shoes. I told my wife that maybe these were the signs that we should stop shopping online already. And so we promised to give our pockets a break after completing a new order in Bershka, a couple of hours ago! 😛 But seriously, I made a pledge the other day, after I finished a not so favourable order at Justfab that I won’t be spending so much anymore. Well, we really have to because we have to start saving money already for my brother’s big day. It will totally break my heart if I will not be able to come and witness his most special day…


Meanwhile, here’s one of the best shopping decisions I made for the wife. Comfortable summer look without hurting our wallet – see prices at the very bottom of this post. Although shoes were not bought on SALE, but quite reprimanding us that this is it, game over, you two shopaholics, game over! 🙂

messy hair + man bun –  her own version of messy bun.










Outfit details:

Zara T-Shirt (€5,95)

Forever 21 Giraffe Print Sweatshorts (€9,99)

Vans Old Skool (Nintendo) sneakers purchased at Footshop




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