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schuhTemple24 sandals // ad

“Separate yourself from those who hinder your vision. Make a choice to walk away from the trap set to ensnare you. Realize when someone is pulling you backwards every time you take a step forward. Separate from them and the result of your action will be a life of success.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana

when you are so ready for an outfit shoot but you forgot to turn off your camera the last time you used it & you didnt even checkkk ——i ended up using my mobile phone, which very luckily has still 13% batt. i almost dieeeed! 😁😭💔 on a lighter side, we found a dope park!

Above was what I wrote on my IG yesterday. Just imagine the struggle of travelling all the way to a certain park outside your city, only to realise your camera has dead battery? Almost a nightmare. The only difference was that I wasn’t sleeping and as a matter of fact my eyes were wide open –in total horror upon this realisation when we finally arrived. What’s worst was we were driving (and also walking) for almost an hour because we got lost! Hard day it was. Phew!

The good news was –– we still had a chance to take a couple of shots before my camera unmercifully signed off. Bad news – almost everything was captured under bad light! 😭 But thank God, I was blessed with a little bit of creativity. I was able to make the photos blog-worthy through post-processing (although I’m still not so satisfied with the outcome 😁).

We can just actually do another photoshoot some other day, but this a collaboration post. I don’t want my blog sponsor to wait longer, especially if I got the item they shipped right away. So.. with that being said, my post today is about my collaboration with SchuhTempel24.

SchuhTempel24 is a young e-commerce company that focuses on footwear. In autumn 2010, SchuhTempel24 Online Store was launched  launched with more than 1,000,000 customers all over Germany and Austria. The company’s product range range is particularly noted for its large footwear collection at very competitive price and with great quality.

This footwear company is indeed true to their word when they said about offering a wide range of shoes collection to their customers. Their website is product-filled that I really had a hard time choosing what shoes to request. Luckily, these fab pair of gladiator sandals were just in the first few pages of the website’s Sandals category.

More stylish and affordable sandals for women here!

I chose these gladiator sandals because I was thinking of pairing this to the dress I was expecting from another sponsor. Unfortunately, the dress is currently not in stock and I was told that they won’t be selling the same style anymore. Thank God, I was able to find an outfit combo to match with the gladiator sandals. - Sandalen - Gladiator Sandals - Sandalen - Gladiator Sandals

I love how the gladiator sandals look so edgy with denim shorts and polka dotted crop top! So chic with a hint of a summer beach vibe! Not to mention these sandals are perfect even for walking because of its comfortable structure. Didn’t hurt my feet at all! - Sandalen - Gladiator Sandals - Sandalen - Gladiator Sandals - Sandalen - Gladiator Sandals - Sandalen - Gladiator Sandals (1) - Sandalen - Gladiator Sandals - Sandalen - Gladiator Sandals (2) - Sandalen - Gladiator Sandals

Outfit details:

Topshop crop top

Bossini denim shorts

SchuhTempel24 gladiator sandals 

Attractive discounts up to 40%. Sign up by visiting or following them on Facebook for more promotions and offers!






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