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Autumn/Winter Outfits Wishlist // Rosewholesale

Dressing up on autumn/winter doesn’t have to be expensive. With Rosewholesale extensive range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing, getting your dream outfit for autumn/winter is just one click and a few bucks away. Sign up, shop items and get rewarded!

The weather is a bit chilly already. I can even go to sleep now without using the electric fan. I think a few more weeks yet and it will be completely cold. I don’t like the heat of the summer but dressing up is the best part of this season. With autumn, since it will be my first time, I’m just relying on what my wife tells me. I was told that it would be cold but not frozen cold like the winter.

When I first landed here in Germany, it was raining snow and I almost died freezing! God knows how my internal organs reacted to the sudden change of weather. I felt like they were these meat froze to death inside a freezer. I swear, I don’t want to experience that anymore just because I had the wrong outfit. I honestly underestimated the winter and overestimated that my body could handle such negative-degree temperature.

With that being said, I have created an outfit wish list today picked out from Rosewholesale clothing collection that will help me survive colder months without totally spoiling my style.

Here are my top cold weather gears from Rosewholesale clothing collection. I have chosen them because they have the cheapest clothing options – see customer reviews here. I sure won’t spend so much on I autumn/winter clothes and with Rosewholesale, there are so much of good deals to choose from.

What’s more is that you can get 6% up to 15% discounted total price by using this coupon code RWWISHLIST. And the deal doesn’t stop there, Rosewholesale also offers rewards to their loyal customers. If you participate in their Awesome Show Recruitment, you will get 500 points which you can use on your next purchase, plus $20-$100 worth of online shopping spree. Sounds almost getting clothes for FREE, isn’t it?

I have provided direct links to the products for easy shopping for you, lovelies –just in case we have the same sense of style 😉 Don’t miss any page in this post because I’ve chosen the cutest autumn/winter outfits with the best price options not just for me but for you too!


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