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“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand. The Sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus”― Alexander Graham Bell

Friday finally! Not so FriYAY though because my lovely wife still has to go to work tomorrow – which means the already so short weekend would be extra shorter for us. The poor woman still has to make up for the 3-week vacation she had last year when she visited me in the Philippines. On the other hand, I will start with my school in more or less 2 weeks. Plus, I have a new client that requires me to be online at least 40hrs a week (+ monthly reporting for my existing clients)– which obviously means, we will have sooo less time together in the next coming months/years. Yes, years(!) –because as I’ve mentioned in my previous post we will travel to PH in 2 years time to attend to a once-in-a-lifetime family gathering. So we really need to save a huge amount of money for this trip. And for us to come up with that money, we have to sacrifice. Less cuddle time, less movie time, less gossip time, less shopping, less everything but more werkkk! Just the thought makes me sad and tired already but we have to do it and we will def do ittt! 🙂

I can also feel that there will be less blogging for me but for sure if there are new sponsors or brand partnership offers that will come along, then I’ll be more than glad to do a review post for them. But let’s still see! I’ve always been a superwoman in the making so I bet I can still stretch some extra time for something that I love and that includes catching up with you here in my blog, lovelies! xx

For the meantime, here’s my outfit of the day featuring this pair of super comfy striped linen trousers I recently purchased from Mango. I am always using the word comfy here in my blog and actually overusing it, but what can I do if I’m that person who’s really into lazy, comfy clothes. Yes, comfy all the way, comfy all the time! 😛 🙂

forever 21 sunnies

forever 21 sunnies



















Outfit details: Cotton On top, Mango trousers, Lacoste Shoes



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