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OMGGGG. Can somebody pinch me or shake me and tell me that it’s indeed October already? I just can’t believe that we’re on another new month now and that a few more months and it will be end of 2016. Why so fast!? Isn’t it a little scary?

Speaking of scary, October means a few jumps to the spooky month of November, which means Halloween parties everywhere! Have you come up with a Halloween costume already? I’m eyeing on these cute Halloween costumes at

Good news is, you can actually get these cute and stylish Halloween costumes for FREE! Follow the mechanics below and get a chance to win a $100 shopping gift card from!

  1. Share this post on two (2) of your social media accounts such as Facebook, and Twitter. For Instagram, you can copy and upload the photo below with hashtag #dresslilyhalloween. Optional: You can tag @theshoenazi & @dresslily for more chance of winning!600x600**Don’t forget to share the post in public for us to see it.**
  2. Let us know you shared the post by sending us your 2 social pages. Email your social accounts to before October 18.

15 Winners will be randomly selected from October 19 to October 23 by DressLily!

Tip: More share, greater chance to Win!

(Note: $100 gift card can be used for both Halloween costumes and regular items.)

For coupon codes and big discounts on purchases, visit the link below:

4 thoughts on “dresslily halloween”

  1. I love Halloween because for me its the official celebration of one of my fav dress codes #allblackeverything- so I have no need for cosutmes, I have masks, cobweb cloaks, leather pieces- the works, haha! But lucky person who gets to wear one of the above!
    Ps thanks so much for subscribing to my blog last week, but you susbscibed to my old site, if you could subscribe to my new site that would be great-
    ( :

    Liked by 1 person

    1. that’s so true! #allblackeverything is indeed everything during halloween parties. done subscribing to your new blog site. love the design! xx


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