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bershka pullover + jeggings

“A beautiful woman is one with a beautiful heart. She may be covered with mud or sores but only her foot fit the glass slipper.”― Omoakhuana Anthonia

I’m so happy with my recent purchase at Bershka. I have been dying to buy low rise jeggings for so long but I just couldn’t find the perfect one. I have mentioned a couple of times here that I am not a fan of tight–fitting pants or the so called ‘skinny jeans’ but because the weather kind of calls for it, I have decided to hunt for the perfect pair. Plus, some of my shoes don’t quite look good with loose pants or the comfy fit ones as we used to call them nowadays. For example, this pair of Nike Air Jordan 6. Because they’re the huge type of shoes, it’s a little bit odd to pair them to loose fitting pants. They were supposedly my autumn/winter shoes because they’re thick enough but I just couldn’t match them with any of the clothes available in my closet. Thank God, this pair of low rise jeggings from Bershka materialised the kind of bottoms I was imagining and dying to have one! And take note, the very last time I bought jeggings that I liked so much was way back in 2010! Since then, I have never found a good pair of pants anymore. These pants had reached its retirement stage already bdw. Although they’re still in my closet in PH and still wearable, but are just too old.

I’m talking about my Nike Air Jordan 6 to pair with my recently purchased jeggings but in my outfit today, I have decided to pull off an all-black outfit combo. Cos it was too cold and black has a natural warm effect when worn. Plus, it’s soon to be Halloween! It wasn’t intentional but this outfit turned out to be sort of a pre-Halloween look because of my grunge lippie.

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Outfit details: Zaful Sunnies + Choker + Satchel Bag | Bershka Pullover + Low Rise Jeggings + Stradivarius boots | H&M Coat



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