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“I would celebrate the Holy Communion service in my pajamas if I thought it would help someone to find faith.” ― Nicholas Stacey

A few months ago, my wife and I travelled all the way to Poland to attend to our dear nephew’s Holy Communion. Looking at these lovely girls wearing their first holy communion dresses, I couldn’t help not to look back to when I had my first communion. Being the first child in the family, I grew up as my mom’s living cutesy patootsie doll, which means she was always the one deciding what I should wear for the day or for a certain occasion. I couldn’t blame her for doing so because I think I didn’t have a good sense of style yet then. Or maybe I was just to lazy to dress up because as far as I could remember, I was completely fine with loose shirts and normal pants then, which was a total no-no for my ‘stylish’ mom.

I bet you know already that it was my mom who chose my  communion dresses during my first Holy communion. Dresses – because yes, one wasn’t enough for my dear mom. It always has to be two (or more?), for the mass and another one for the actual celebration at home.

As much as I want to share with you the photos, I think I would rather not. I don’ t want to risk losing my followers just because of awkward photos of my childhood. J I was too camera shy then so I never had decent photos. It’s either my eyes were closed or I was frowning or pouting because I didn’t really want to be included in the photos before – which seems to be the total opposite now because I’m taking and in the photos all the time. Haha!

Anyhows, I won’t dare share the photos during my first Holy communion because I actually irk just the sight of what I wore then or maybe it’s the style? The first communion dresses my mom chose for me were utterly conservative and not stylish –at all. As a matter of fact, I even wonder now what my mom had done to me during those times. What a cruel mom she was for letting me wear such boring dresses! Hi Mom! LOL.

Because I don’t want that ugly past to happen again to young girls, especially to my future baby girl, I have listed here a couple of white communion dresses ideas for moms (so your baby girls won’t be mad at you someday when they see what they’re wearing on this sacred event of their life):



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