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dresslily vintage skirt

“Don’t destroy yourself by allowing negative people add gibberish and debris to your character, reputation, and aspirations. Keep all dreams alive but discreet, so that those with unhealthy tongues won’t have any other option than to infest themselves with their own diseases.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

I had a very productive and great start of the week last week. First, I received a couple of partnership/sponsorship offers in my email. Second, I got a package filled with goodies from DressLily. Third, my clients paid me <3. And lastly, I think I’m going to have a new job again ––– and it’s homebased! I have a problem with socialising with people lately that I would rather work at home than to have a physical contact with anyone (especially new people) by working in an office.

In fact, that same week, I was battling against this possibly emotional depression…  because of people. I’m just really a lucky girl because something good always happen (as mentioned above :)) whenever I’m almost about to get drowned by sadness.

This package from DressLily actually saved me! I was so so sad upon realising how a sort of friend betrayed me but our doorbell rang and I was awakened. Of course, I opened the package right away despite of having a heavy heart. And poof, my almost cold heart started to burn again! This Vintage Elastic Waist High-Waisted Zig Zag Women’s Skirt mended my broken heart so easily. I wasn’t expecting that the skirt would be so perfect! The size, the texture and fabric, the fit and most especially, the style! Can you feel the intense giddiness in this part of this post? I bet you can! Hint: I use too much exclamation points when my mood switches to being too excited while writing. LOL.

I just do hope, this week will be as great as the previous week ––– with less negativity. 😐

Meanwhile, here’s how I wore the vintage high-waisted skirt together with other items I received from DressLily. I initially wanted to pair the skirt with a tan/beige turtle neck but I still have to order it, and I don’t want my sponsor to wait any longer, sooo here’s what I have come up with.










Outfit details: DressLily Oversized Square Sunnies + Vintage High-waisted Skirt | Zaful Sun Velvet Choker | Rosewholesale Floral Choker | Aldi Parka | Bershka Oxford Shoes

Featured items from DressLily . Shop using these direct links:
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Dresslily Halloween Sale Big Promotion #dresslilyhalloween
Dresslily Halloween Big Promotion #dresslilyhalloween

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Will talk more about the items I got from DressLily in the next post!

6 thoughts on “dresslily vintage skirt”

  1. So much for me to say here- 1) I have been a freelancer for almost 10 yrs and this year began to forge my way back to working full-time in a company. Hon, my last experience put me on such a full time low- the office politics was something else, I felt like I was a 10 yr old again and I am in my late 30s and at this stage you really dont care about the bullshit. Like how much ass do I have to kiss for pay that is not spectacular for people I dont respect and for a team that sucks…hmmm, but that’s my shit. Lucky you for the home-bassed job…I am still dreaming that before 40 I can enjoy 1 full time work experience and if it does not come, I am doing what I need to do to be able to live of my side hussle.
    Back to you- I loooove your patent brogues and that choker.
    Well done for the sponsorship offers.
    As for the friend- looks like this skirt came just in time, there’s nothing like good ol’ retail therapy! Wink! ( :

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! Working on a freelance basis is tough right? It’s like everyday is a judgment day and money is not stable, too. With this fulltime homebased job, I just do hope though the company is a good payer. It doesn’t matter how low or high the income will be, for as long as they’ll pay me on a regular basis and on time because bills don’t and can’t wait haha. :))) About people/friend – I’m usually the type of person who can shake things off but some days (especially PMS days haha), people are just way too much. It’s just sad. On a lighter note, I enjoy comments/advice from my virtual community like you and it makes me feel good. Thank you! xx


    1. I bet you will pull it off better than I did. I wasn’t really satisfied by this look but I had to do this right away as my sponsor has been long waiting. Plus, it was bad weather so I had sooo little photo options. 😐 But thank you, if this look has inspired you somehow. I appreciate it so much xx

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