halloween blood choker

“October proved a riot a riot to the senses and climaxed those giddy last weeks before Halloween.”― Keith Donohue

Just dropping by to say hello to all the lovely ladies in my blogger community and hoping everyone had a spooky fun weekend. I’m afraid this is going to be another short post as I can’t stay up late tonight. Autumn vacation is sadly over and tomorrow I have to wake up so early again for school. Plus, work after that. End of the month is the toughest time for me as I have to finish a bunch of reports for my clients.

Anyhowsss, let me share with you now (as I don’t have so much time! ) what I wore yesterday. We didn’t have Halloween trick or treat at home but the parents came over to surprise visit us. And just for some fun, I dressed up in this vampy inspired outfit, while cooking for dinner! 😀
















Outfit details: Zaful Sunnies + Satchel Bag | Dresslily Halloween Blood Choker | Forever 21 dressAdidas Sneakers



3 thoughts on “halloween blood choker”

  1. Ms M, I like this look a loooot, I love clever lil’ Halloween statement accessories like your blood choker accessories, I got some bindhi red jewel stick on tears…your statement tights and backpack are cooote, ps I’m so into statement tights right now! Helps to uplift an all black outfit. Ps thanks for asking about The Lady Loves Couture, they never did respond, I wrote on their Insta and FB page too…
    Then I had to decide- as I am going through a bit of a difficult time, I had a choice, I could either keep chasing them up and opening myself to more negativity or I could move on and focus on another mag that used my pic and credited me and look ahead to more positive responses from the public.
    Sadly, copyright infringement will continue, I doubt this is the last time someone online will steal a pic of mine.
    Anyhoo, have a good week ( :

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    1. Hi beautiful! Thats quite a bad news but never stop chasing them. Did they remove the image? I had a client before and she said that we’re penalised for copyright infringement. The image was provided by a guest blogger but because it was published in our website, we were asked to pay around 700aud as fine. If it was legit and she really paid for it then you sure do have the right to claim what’s yours and fight for it. Unfortunately, I don’t have contact with that client anymore as we had a bad work breakup as she’s not a good payer. 😐

      And thankssss, I loooove this choker so much too!! Bindhi earrings sound awesome, I sooo love Indian inspired jewelries. I only wish my ears aren’t sensitive enough for earrings tho 😐

      Wish you lovely start of the week! xx


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