warby parker eyewear – winter 2016 collection

“Four new colors (and some old favorites) call to mind icy landscapes, long shadows, and flora in hibernation. It’s part poetry, part practicality—and a whole new way to turn heads.” – Warby Parker 

Whoever said that eyeglasses are just for people with vision problems are actually the ones who have that problem. I was once cyberbullied by some hateful people about wearing eyeglasses on one of my posts on my Instagram. I was told that I’m faking my vision problem and that I was only wearing eyeglasses as a fashion accessory. Half of what they said was in fact true. Yes, it’s true that I used to wear those eyeglasses to glam up my OOTD. But it’s not true that I’m faking my eye vision because as a matter of fact, they were prescription eyeglasses

Besides, whether the purpose is to correct eye sights or not, I think it’s too old school to think that eyeglasses are just for people with eye defects. Hello? It’s almost end of 2016 and we actually call eyeglasses as eyewear already. And when we say eyewear, we, lovely girls from the fashion/style/beauty blogging community use it as a tool not just to treat but also to decorate our eyes.

Eyewear is an effin LIFE for us lazy people who are not so into putting makeup on our face. You see, I always have my sunnies with me in every outfit post that I am posting here. Choosing what to wear is already a struggle for me, so what more if I’m into makeup? It would probably have missed a lot of gatherings just because I didn’t have so much time for fixing myself and dressing up.

So, for a hassle-free changing of look, wearing clear lens eyeglasses is something that won’t disappoint and won’t take so much of our frickin time. And speaking of clear lens, I’m currently eyeing on this particular classy pair of cat-eyes eyewear from Warby Parker’s Winter 2016 Collection:


I think this tortoise shell eyewear is perfect for someone who has a combination of vintage and hipster vibe. Yep, that’s me! 😀 I love tortoise shell frames because they are softer on the face and they complement well with any complexion. I had one before so it’s proven and tested. And I bet these eyeglasses from Warby Parker will surely make anyone look sophisticated, too!


Here are more of their eyewear Winter Collection 2016:









  1. Guurl, you’re preaching to the choir, I began to add Personal Style posts to my blog last year and got so into the sunnies other bloggers wore and then I realised tha( t DUUUHH, in sunnies, I didnt have to wear eye makeup, it really saves time innit.
    These tortoise eye glasses are the bomb diggy, I like the slight feline tilt- mmmmmeeeeaow!
    Have a good weekend hon.
    Ps normally I hate it when websites play music and I leap for the mute button, but I love your grooves, I’m always bopping away as I comment, ‘I’m going down, down, down…’ That track is so Summer in Berlin in some outside club party at 5am as the sun begins to rise… ( :

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, it’s nice right? I’m obsessed with Florence lately. It’s my current #onrepeat music. Ive put all my fave music on this blog so I won’t have to find them on YT all the time. Don’t worry once I get tired of them, I will have to put my music back on mute. 😀

      Hope you have a nice weather there in Berlin cos right now we don’t. Enjoy weekend hun! xx


    1. They have a pretty nice collection and glasses are not so pricey. I love their polished gold edition, too. Go and check them out. Who knows? Your few next pairs of glasses might be from them! 😉

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