under the weather

“We must account for the life that we lived. A person inevitably will ask himself or herself on their deathbed, ‘what was the aim of my life,’ ‘what did I accomplish,’ ‘what did I not accomplish,’ ‘what would I alter if I could live my life all over again’? What we discover on our deathbeds is that material luxuries afford no solace. We cannot purchase, possess, or legally acquire what is pure: love, beauty, truth, goodness, and imagination.”― Kilroy J. Oldster

It’s Friday and I should be happy like everyone else. But lately, I’ve been feeling as gloomy as the autumn weather. It’s the time of the month again when I feel so demotivated and uninspired to move around. PMS days, as usual. It’s these days when I can’t outwit my own emotion because I feel too weak for everything. I see all things ugly. I don’t like my hair, I feel like I’m the ugliest human being on earth or I have intense cravings for specific foods from outer space. Madam Hormones loves to disrupt my appetite for living really. I can’t even stop her because she’s too strong, powerful and most of all, heartless. Even the happiest person in the world can’t beat her. Normally, I am a happy go lucky creature and I am always high on life. But Madam Hormones’ monthly visit always ruins and kills all the good vibes in me. I can’t even do anything about it!

I wish there’s some sort of medicine that relieves this kind of ugly feeling like the way how aspirin kills pain. But I’m scared that if ever there’s a medical treatment for this type of suffering, the doctor might give me something for the brain, which I’m not really in favour of.. I guess I’d rather go for retail therapy than be completely crazy out of taking mental drugs 😦 Oh life, life, life, life of being a woman!

Meanwhile, here’s a series of outfit shots that have been in my draft for a few days already. Featuring my most favourite model, dearest Daria (@shootthesole).








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Wish you all a lovely Friday and great weekend!




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